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  • Q: I can't save leave!
    Q: The duration of my leave is always 0!

    A: The duration of the leave can be calculated to 0, when either all days of the leave are on free days (e.g. saturday and sunday), or a public holiday calendar was selected, and all days have been recognized as public holidays.
    The app expects only entries of public holiday in the calendar selected, and has no possibility to distinguish regular appointments from entries of public holiday. Also, the app does not provide any public holidays; it only offers the possibility to select a user-provided calendar as source for public holidays (and is therefore independent from country & state). In case you do not have an appropriate calendar on your device to provide public holidays, settings -> public holiday calendar -> create public holiday calendary will show a couple of way to add such a calendar to your device, to it will be available within the app.
    When editing the beginning and end of your leave, the calendar-style view will show any public holidays found by coloring the respective days in blue color.
  • Q: I can't save the title for my leave unless i add a comment too!

    A: In fact, it was not possible to save the title unless you exited the editing mode, which can be done by either pressing ENTER or switching to another field (e.g. comments). This issue is fixed in v1.2, fields will now always be saved, independent from editing mode.
  • Q: The app displays a wrong duration, what can i do?

    A: Duration of leave can always be manually adjusted (even in v1.0). Just click the duration-cell when adding or editing leave days (on the very bottom) - you can then manually set the duration. It will, however, be automatically recalculated once it is edited again. In any case, I would appreciate if you let me know why the duration was not correctly calculated so i get the chance to spot and fix any potential bugs.
  • Q: I added leave for the next year, but now its gone!

    A: In 'Leave days overview' one can see leave added for any year, not just the current year. Also the calendar view will show you all leave you already added, although this might involve a lot of scrolling.
  • Q: I added leave for the next year, but the calculation is not updated!

    A: Leave days added for the next year will not affect the calculation of the current year, but the next year instead. Thus, it will also be visible in the calculation once the year changes to the next year. Since version 1.3 the currently displayed year can be switched by clicking the arrow-indicators above the main overview.
  • Q: I canceled the mail sending, but still the leave was added!

    A: Canceling the sending of mails will not discard your newly created leave. If you decide to discard it, hit the back button prior to saving ;)
  • Q: I can't find a way to set the mail account used for sending mails

    A: Apple provides no way to change the default mail account for sending mails. I will maybe change this behaviour by launching the devices mail app and let the user choose.
  • Q: Is there a way to store leave days in my iphone calendar?

    A: Since version 2.0 users can save their leave additionally in a selectable calendar (pro version only).
  • Q: FFS, the app is crashing! What can i do?

    There is nothing you can do about it. However, to help me improve the program, and contribute to the bugs beeing fixed in future versions, i would appreciate if you let me know of any bugs you find by either sending me a mail or post on the forums :)
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