Annual Leave iPad

The iPad version of Annual Leave comes with the following features:

  • Same set of basic features the iPhone/iPod version provides
  • Calendar of the whole year for a complete overview of leave (users are marked according to their configured color)
  • Calendar view can display any calendar events of your devices calendars
  • The worldmap shows locations you've already visited
  • All views can display data of multiple users
  • All data can be exported as CSV file (e. g. for Microsoft Excel) or PDF file and send by email


Main page/calendar, two users

Add leave

Worldmap in fullscreen


Calendar in fullscreen

Create PDF file


Edit user

Current version

The current version is Annual Leave HD 1.2.1, released on january 18th 2013.

Copyright notice

Annual Leave uses the ILGeoNames framework by Claus Broch:
Copyright 2010-2011 Infinite Loop. All rights reserved.

Annual Leave uses the CHCSVParser framework by Dave DeLong:
Copyright (c) 2012 Dave DeLong